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Gillian Maddigan, Bianca Moeschinger and Joanne Omer are the B.E.M Collective.  We have come together organically and created a trinity that bounces off each other in 'Live Discussion's' about life.

Each of us come from very different back grounds, we offer perspectives from the mind emotion and body, we don't always agree on things.  We love the diversity in the way we experience and look at things.

Bianca feels her way and connects with the emotion 

Gillian is practical, earthy and sorts through the shit 

Joanne works with the mindset, words and creator

As the title suggests these talks are about

Body ~ Emotion ~ Mind

We relate to the current climate in the world. 

We connect with what will create a difference to your world and perhaps a perspective you had not thought of


We will provide you with tools

for greater ease to your body and life in general.

Join us every Saturday online at 10:10am AEST for our Live Discussion.


Meet the

B.E.M Collective



Joanne Omer's passion to elevate women reaches around the world as a Lifestyle & relationship coach. 

Joanne has trained as a Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Feminine Embodiment practitioner and Instructor.

Through her training and depth of experience, Joanne empowers & supports women and couples to awaken and align in mind, body and spirit.  Thus enabling her clients and students to live passionate, joyful and fulfilled lives.


Gillian Maddigan is a teacher and leader in the field of Psychosomatic Therapy. 

Over the last 25 years, she has woven together her clinical Hypnosis, NLP, Psychosomatics and Therapeutic Massage clinical experience and developed Psychosomatic Body Language training and coaching. 


Gillian loves human communication in all it's forms not just the language of the body and mind but also food & art.



Bianca is an artist in all aspects of life, she is a great thinker and philosopher. 


She has trained as a master teacher in Psychosomatic Therapy and an expert in emotional release bodywork and therapy.


Bianca has recently reconnected to her skill of light language.


A mother, yoga instructor and self-proclaimed chef and house-maker, she loves all aspects of life, even the most challenging.


Our live discussions

Triggers - the body mind connection

Relationships - Our Human Connection

The Selfie series - all about the self

The Heart Series - Affairs of the Heart

MasterMind Programs

Small intimate groups of 12

MasterMind your Triggers - Exploring the triggers of Fear, Anger, Judgment and Boundaries. 

MasterMind your Relationships - Exploring the relationships of the good, the bad and the ugly: lies, projections and opinions: power, manipulation and courage.

Rock Maze
Sat, Aug 15
Online Event
Heart Series ~ Sorrow, Responsibility & Joy
Wed, Aug 19
Online Event
MasterMind your Triggers
Are you ready to get personal? 5 x 2 hour online calls over 5 weeks. Live Q & A Interaction, Coaching & Feedback

Join us online for our next Live Event


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