Bianca Moeschinger

A little bit about me

Often when I share a story of myself I stop and think of the poignant things I wish to share.  My tune keeps changing as I grow older and evolve, things I thought in the past or the way I saw events of the past are now seen through a new lens.


When I first started to write this page I put down that one of my greatest achievements in this life time was being a mother, my 23 year old son said mum that is something majority of women can do, so how can that be an achievement?

I have been fortunate enough to fall pregnant and birth easily, I have also been a natural creator and get lost in my senses and everything that nature and life has to offer.  Music, vibration, sound, movement and making poetry with my words as the expression just flows through my mouth and fingers.

I have had 3 children, one in my 20's, 30's and 40's, all to different men.  All amazing relationships that taught me so much, even if at the time I was challenged in so many ways.  The intricate lessons from those experience cannot be learnt in the best universities in the world.  My teacher is life and the awareness gained through the experience.

I see each of my children as teachers, a very close aspect of me in reflection, each with their own essence and personality they are cultivating.

I have dipped my feet into many areas of interest from children's books, training horses and facilitating outback adventures on horseback, to dancing, sewing and design to now art through sketching and acrylic on canvas. 


My therapy goal is to purify the human being. The soul is pure and the body is the physical expression of the soul. The body is human; through its physical journey it is affected by stories, trauma, learnings of culture and gender norms etc - all the things the soul is not. Are you speaking your truth? Are you merely repeating what you have heard about yourself? Is there more to you than your profession and the events of your life?


Through each therapy session, I will connect with the soul and it's purpose releasing and stripping off the physical baggage, beliefs and states that do not serve it.


The aim is to bring you back to You.


Pure and simple - what I touch will turn to gold - free from impurities, imperfections.


A You that You truly know to be true. 

Through working with hundreds of people on their journeys back to themselves - back into the light I have refined my skills and approaches - a skill fine tuned works like magic.

The backbone of my abilities are based on Psychosomatic principles, Yoga, expanded consciousness and a deep ability to see and feel.