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Joanne Omer

A leader empowering people to live abundant and fulfilling lives.

Living her mission as Lifestyle Coach and Feminine Energy Expert, Joanne has created an extraordinary life for herself and for her clients. 


Through her own development and personal experiences, Joanne Omer has discovered the gift living an aligned, purpose driven life.  By discovering her gifts and distinctions she is now working with many men and women teaching them to connect to their divine nature, aligning mind, body and spirit.


Utilising her years of experience in coaching, training in various modality’s and life experience Joanne brings an aliveness and energy to her coaching that has her clients causing results in all areas of their life.  Many clients have experienced breakthroughs in relationships, finances, love, intimacy and career.


Joanne is a registered and experienced Life Coach and has been working with men and women over the past 7 years to take their lives to the next level.  A Certified NLP Practitioner, Licensed S Factor Instructor and Practitioner, and Theta Healing Practitioner and Instructor.


Joanne believes that as human beings we are made up of a body, mind and a spirit.  In her sessions, coaching, retreats and workshops she focuses on these areas. By addressing limiting beliefs, discovering and working through emotions and how they affect us on a daily basis through our thoughts, our body, our health and well being we are able to create a truly extraordinary life.


Joanne brings a fusion of distinctions that culminate to create extraordinary results for her clients.